The company and each of its employees respect both people and the environment. That respect is reflected in our dealings with customers, business partners, colleagues and our social surroundings. 
Every member of staff is treated as a partner in the business, taking responsibility both for themselves and – together with others – for the achievement of our corporate goals.

Trust and friendship

Our corporate culture rests on mutual trust and friendship. Common corporate values are shared and represented on a basis of solidarity and advocacy.

Result focus

Our approach is result and performance-focused. 
Goals are defined and achieved – collectively and individually. Our actions are determined by the interests of the company.


Our actions are characterised by long-term thinking in terms of corporate development, the use of resources and our dealings with our partners and employees.

Honesty and openness

Our conduct and actions are honest and open. 

We are responsible, trustworthy and responsible both in word and deed.

Customer focus

Being customer-focused means gearing all our thoughts and actions to the needs, wishes and problems of both external and internal customers.