• #OUR David 

    Trainee Floor Manager

    A few months before finishing my apprenticeship in the windsor. store Düsseldorf I asked myself: "What will happen next?" 

    Leaving the company was not an option because I love working for the HFG and the brands Strellson, JOOP! and windsor.. Also I wanted to develop inside the company. I was offered a traineeship, which would help me take the next step in my career. 

    Now I am learning how to manage an entire floor. This includes sales planning, visual merchandising and a perfect customer service. Being a trainee is an exciting way to gain new experiences and to take on further responsibility. I am very happy that I pursued that offer.

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  • #OUR Laura 

    Junior Visual Merchandising Coordinator

    To leave my home for the first job was a big step for me. However, the beautiful region, the lake Constance and the warm welcome from my team as well as the company made it feel right from the beginning.

    After three months I can say that it has definitely become my second home here.

    My job combines creativity with economic thinking which is why no day is like another. I love to put our clothes in perspective and to develop new ways to present them. Furthermore, the company gives me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

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  • #OUR Kai 

    Trainee Finance & Controlling

    “Exciting brands, many opportunities… and a unique working environment.”

    Joining the HOLY FASHION GROUP felt right from the very beginning. From the first interview – followed by a walk along the beautiful Lake Constance – to the warm welcome of my colleagues and the working-atmosphere itself: It feels great to be here.

    After finishing my Master in Accounting & Finance at the University of St. Gallen, I was looking forward to a new challenge: Finding a career start with many opportunities to develop myself further, personally and professionally.

    Being Trainee in Finance & Controlling at the HOLY FASHION GROUP  is a great honor and an adventure for me. Within a short period of time I gain experience and get insights contributing to many different but all related departments.

    If you are looking for a great job – go for the challenge, become a Trainee at HOLY FASHION GROUP.

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  • #OUR Céline 

    Commercial Apprentice Product Division Denim & Chino 

    I am very pleased to work for the HOLY FASHION GROUP for the last three years. As an apprentice, you get to experience three departments each year. And that is just one reason why I like this apprenticeship so much. HFG encourages me to think about new ideas and continually challenges the way I work. 

    Due to the HFG I have had the chance to take numerous experiences, both professionally and personally, and I am really excited about the final year of my apprenticeship.

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    Head of Design, windsor.

    “What’s better than amazing?”

    In December 2006, I was offered the chance to take on responsibility for the womenswear collection at windsor. as Head of Design. Head of Design? Responsibility? windsor.? Wow. For me, windsor. meant pure elegance, confident understatement, unerring style. And, of course, tradition, tradition, tradition. As well as top quality. And to inject all that with new life, with modernity and a casual air to develop a new windsor. 

    image – others have run away from lesser challenges. Others maybe. But definitely not me. I wanted this – I want this – absolutely. I started in July 2007. You can tell when you’re in the right place at the right time. And it feels amazing. More than amazing.¨

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  • #OUR Bianca

    Brand Coordinator JOOP!

    I enjoy working at the HOLY FASHION GROUP as I receive lots of trust and support from all of my colleagues. The amazing business location at Lake Constance enables a high quality of life and the company itself is eager to simplify ones integration. 

    I am in the lucky position to work with fashion every day and contribute to the successful development of our products. I appreciate working closely with our designers and support them wherever possible.

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  • #OUR Manuel

    Apprentice at HOLY FASHION GROUP 

    After finishing school I was a little uncertain whether or not I should really start an apprenticeship. There is no doubt about this being the right decision any more. My apprenticeship at HOLY FASHION GROUP is very diversified and I get so many insights into the fashion industry. 

    In addition to that everyone is very friendly and supportive. It is fun to work here and I meet exciting challenges every day.

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  • #OUR Nadine 

    Intern Human Resources 

    A few months ago, I started my internship at the HR department.

    By choosing HOLY FASHION GROUP I was able to combine my passion for fashion and lifestyle with a beautiful landscape and working in a modern, international company. 

    It was a great experience from the very first day. Not only the personal responsibility but also the entire insights into the company are reasons why this internship was the best decision for me.

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    Creative Director, Strellson

    “Success: you can make it happen”

    When I joined the company, Strellson was just taking its first steps towards becoming a brand. You could reach out and touch the momentum, you could feel it, see it, hear it – and it was highly contagious! It was immediately clear to me that everything was in place to cause a stir in the years ahead. Not something inconsequential that would soon be forgotten. But something really amazing. And I was there!

    I don’t think it’s possible to describe this feeling. You feel electrified, you give everything you’ve got, and it’s only each time the company grows a little bit more that you realise what is possible. It’s fantastic. To be part of this team, to reach the top, to work towards success and achieve it – that’s the great adventure for me. 

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  • #OUR Louisa 

    New Design Assistant, windsor. 

    My first role at windsor. was an intern. After this fantastic experience I returned to Kreuzlingen and started my career as a design assistant. While I am finishing my bachelor thesis I am already able to gain important professional experiences.

    First steps, curiosity, anticipation, lots of new impressions and a very warm welcome back- thanks to my lovely team.

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    Head of Product Division Denim & Chino

    “Every day could be dress-down Friday”

    The first thing to attract my attention was the forward-looking advertising campaign that was not typical of the industry. When I started in October 2000, I quickly came to realise that the advertising was more advanced than the clothes. And that was the task in hand. New targets were defined, new concepts created. The result: the Strellson Premium and Strellson Sportswear lines that perform so strongly today. Huge steps have been taken between then and now. But today, the campaign is a real reflection of the brand – it’s fantastic.

    “Live the denim culture”: When you understand and grasp the philosophy behind the merchandise and the raw material, you start to love it. Strellson afforded me every opportunity to do this. With my creative team, I can achieve anything; I can live it, feel it, do it; I am at one with it. It’s just great to be able to create an internationally successful collection together. When I started working, “dress-down Friday” was, at best, beige chinos and a shirt without a tie. Today, with the introduction of Sportswear, the entire company lives the brands that are here under one roof.

    I’m glad that I no longer own the outfit I wore at my interview. And that I can express my own personality in, and together with, the company. I wanted to go abroad again ... and I did, just five kilometres over the German border! In a manner of speaking, it was the smallest step that I have taken with Strellson and the HOLY FASHION GROUP since 2000. 

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  • #OUR Daniela

    Head of PR, windsor.

    „It feels like Kreuzlingen, Florida“

    The three most common questions that I get asked as an American in Germany are:

    »Why are you in Germany and not in Naples, Florida?«
    It’s quite simple: because I’ve got a great job here and, after 14 years, I’m still really happy doing it!

    »Are you related to Suzy Wong?«
    Who knows?

    »What do you do at windsor.?«
    After completing my training and getting some experience in an office-based role, I found my dream job in 1996 and joined a new team in the windsor. Marketing Department. I was heavily involved with public relations from the start and was able to build a network of useful contacts in the fashion press. I also had good contacts “on the inside” – I’m sure there weren’t many of us who knew every other employee in the company by name. What I mean is this: my American warmth (“Hi, my name’s Dani Wong – how can I help you?”) and my positive attitude made – and still make – a good impression, and not just on Westphalians!

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