• Thomas Beller

    Head of Design Strellson Sportswear
  • Sabine Kracht

    Head of License Management Strellson & windsor.
  • Marco Tomasi

    Creative Director Strellson

    “Success is a career path”

    Strellson was just taking its first steps towards becoming a brand when I came along. The dynamic energy of the company was palpable – you could feel, see and hear it. What’s more, it was highly infectious! It was clear to me straightaway that all the conditions were right to really achieve something over the coming years. Not just a minor success that would soon be forgotten. But something genuinely great. And I wanted to be part of it! 

    It was a feeling that’s impossible to describe. You feel electrified, and ready to give everything you’ve got – every time the company grows a bit more you realise how much more it’s possible to achieve. It’s fantastic. To be part of this team, to really go far; to strive for success and achieve it – for me, that’s the ultimate adventure.

  • Alain Tritter

    Head of Strellson France

    “A unique integrity”

    I came here to Paris to build up the Strellson brand from zero. Back then in 1995, Strellson was unknown in France. I had seen the advertising campaign, however. And I must say, the cool, young images really did fit the Strellson team. The independent, Swiss image was a true reflection of the company. 

    The other thing that struck me right from the start was a positive atmosphere and a unique integrity. The HOLY FASHION GROUP has always given me plenty of freedom, encouraged me to use my initiative and expected a high level of responsibility – in all situations. 

    I have known some of our customers for 20 years, and some of them have become really close friends. A kind of familiarity has grown up between us – we stick together through the good times and the bad. Sometimes we even go for a meal or a beer together. 

    I like to wear really cool suits. By cool, I mean the kind you can look sexy in. They have to be dark – no question. Not black, more dark-blue. And I’d like to own a Porsche Targa someday. Guess what colour!

  • Frank Wojczewski

    Head of Design windsor. women

    “It doesn’t get better than this!”

    In December 2006, I was offered the job of Head of Design, with responsibility for the womenswear collection. Head of Design? Responsibility? windsor.? Wow! For me, windsor. was the last word in elegance, understatement and stylistic self-assurance. And of course tradition, tradition, tradition. With premium quality to boot. And to breathe new life into all that, to develop a new windsor. image with the emphasis on modernity and casualness – it was a challenge some might baulk at. Some, perhaps. But definitely not me. I relished it, and still do. I started my job in July 2007. You know when you’re in the right place at the right time. And it feels amazing. Even better than amazing.
  • Daniela Wong

    windsor. PR
    “Feels like Kreuzlingen, Florida”

    The three most common questions I get asked as an American in Germany are:

    1. Why are you in Germany and not in Naples, Florida?
    2. Are you related to Suzy Wong?
    3. What do you do at windsor.?

    The three most common answers I give as an American in Germany are:

    1. Simple: because I have a great job here and still love every minute of it even after 14 years! 
    2. Who knows? 
    3. After completing my training and gaining back office experience, I found my dream job in 1996: as a member of the new windsor. marketing team. I was very much involved in publicity right from the start and was able to build up a lot of useful contacts with the fashion press. I also had good contacts “in-house” – I must have been one of the few who knew every other member of staff by name. In other words, my easy American manner (“Hi, my name is Dani Wong – what can I do for you?”) and positive outlook went down well – and still do – not just in Westphalia.