The businessmen Leo Roos and Isidor Kahn found the men’s clothing factory Roos & Kahn in Bielefeld, thus laying the foundation for the development of the windsor. brand


The managing partner Günter Klasing, a man with a penchant for expensive English fabrics, takes over the company and gives it a new name: Windsor Kleiderwerk G. Klasing KG.


The first windsor. women’s wear collection is launched. Over the years, windsor. develops into a successful premium fashion brand of superior style and quality.


The artist, illustrator and designer Wolfgang Joop presents his first collection in New York.


The former owners of Hugo Boss, Jochen and Uwe Holy, found Strellson, paving the way for the subsequent success story. The company grows out of the former Overcoat Factory Friedrich Straehl & Co. in Kreuzlingen (CH) and develops into one of the leading suppliers of urban men’s fashion.


Wolfgang Joop leaves the company named after him. The JOOP! brand is initially split equally between the Holy family (Strellson AG, Windsor GmbH), Egana Goldpfeil and the cosmetics group Coty Lancaster. Since the 90s, JOOP! has developed into a successful lifestyle brand offering products for all aspects of life, from spectacles through watches and fashion to furniture and various lifestyle products.


The Strellson “Swiss Cross Jacket” made from old Swiss Army blankets is launched on the market in a limited and numbered edition. The 3,000 parkas are sold in a trice – an exceptional marketing success which also marks the birth of the Strellson Sportswear line.


The three major brands Strellson, windsor. and JOOP! are subsumed under the umbrella of the HOLY FASHION GROUP and centrally managed. The Kreuzlingen site becomes the headquarters and flagship store for menswear/boys’ wear, and the Bielefeld site the flagship store for women’s wear.


The HOLY FASHION GROUP becomes sole proprietor of JOOP! GmbH.


The company invests heavily in expansion and e-business. Strellson, windsor. and JOOP! launch their own new online shops within a year.


The Holy Fashion Group strengthens its individual brands by adopting differentiated positioning and restructuring its organisation. Against this backdrop, the windsor. and JOOP! womenswear brands were relocated to the company’s headquarters in Kreuzlingen.

Back to its roots: JOOP! returns to the spectacular JOOP! Villa in Hamburg, where the brand’s story originally began.


Strellson enters in the US market.

Launch of Russian subsidiary, Strellson Russia OOO.


Launch of Canadian subsidiary Strellson North America Ldt. in Toronto.