The HOLY FASHION GROUP takes great pride in the quality and modern image of its products. We – the proprietors, management and staff – apply the same high standards when it comes to respecting and upholding human and employment rights. Ensuring socially responsible production conditions is therefore a key element of our corporate philosophy.

These are not just empty words. Even before this issue entered the public consciousness, the HOLY FASHION GROUP had already developed its own code of conduct in order to ensure that our products are manufactured in accordance with human and employment rights. This code is the basis and precondition of all business relations with our suppliers.


In order to strengthen its commitment to social responsibility, the HOLY FASHION GROUP took the step of joining the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) as of 1 January 2008. The BSCI, to which more than 1200 brand manufacturers and retailers now belong, is completely independent of its members in terms of its policies and auditing procedures. That way it is able to monitor compliance with its standards independently and autonomously, as an external organisation. The advantage for its members lies in the existence of a uniform, globally standardised monitoring and qualification system dedicated to the sustainable improvement of working conditions in the global supply chain. Most individual companies would be unable to set up a system on this scale. On joining the BSCI, the HOLY FASHION GROUP’s own code of conduct was supplemented with the BSCI code. Further information on this topic can be found on the BSCI website:

The HOLY FASHION GROUP brands develop, manufacture and sell products exclusively within the premium segment. To be successful in this segment, we need the best suppliers in the world. The working conditions operated by these partners are generally far higher than the required minimum standards. In addition to the above measures, we also conduct regular site visits to verify this. 

You can rest assured that the HOLY FASHION GROUP is fully aware of its social responsibility, and that this is reflected in our daily activities.


Pursuing a sustainable personnel policy, we intend to achieve an ideal balance between the business interests of the HOLY FASHION GROUP and the private and familial interests of our employees in the best possible way. So as to respond to the resulting, entirely varying demands, the HOLY FASHION GROUP relentlessly endeavours to improve its working conditions. Our topmost aim is to create a work environment in which our employees receive optimal support in all phases of their lives so that they are able and motivated to give their best.

Our priority is cooperation that is based on trust and communication and enables necessary leeway and flexibility for self-organization. And in order to promote this, the topic of “reconcilability” is made an integral part of managerial training and annual appraisal meetings between employees and managers.

Over and above this, the HOLY FASHION GROUP provides its employees, who must attend to their responsibilities of care for their children and/or other care-dependent family members, with a comprehensive range of measures and services.

These include, among other things:
  • Use of counselling offered by the “familienPLATTFORM Ostschweiz” free of cost
  • Options for extended maternity leave for our employees at the headquarters in Switzerland
  • Extended paternity leave
  • Cooperation with childcare centres
  • Information on holiday care offers in the surrounding area
  • Parent - Child office and a Kids bag with toys in the event of urgent child care at the headquarters
  • Options for mobile working system and working in Home Office environment
  • Various opportunities for flexible working hours, such as flexi-time, individual solutions for resumption of work and possibilities of part-time work

It was a memorable day for the HOLY FASHION GROUP when, on January 19, 2017, we received the “Familie UND Beruf” (Family life & Work) award from the Swiss agency UND – as the first ever Swiss fashion enterprise to be bestowed with such recognition.


A balanced, healthy diet is an essential aspect of good well-being and high productivity. HOME, our company restaurant at the Kreuzlingen location, offers our employees a diverse array of fresh and healthy food options every day.  
The HOME team largely focuses on the principles of "clean eating". Our cooking utilizes natural foods that are unprocessed whenever possible; we highlight seasonal and regional products, high quality pasture-reared meats or fish from sustainable fisheries or organic sources. As much as possible we avoid the use of ready-made products, unhealthy additives, industrial sugar and artificial sweeteners and refined white flour products. 
In addition to a lunch menu that can be assembled as a combination of various options, which regularly includes specialties such as sushi or delicious food from the grill, we also offer a wide selection of "clean" as well as conventional products for your breakfast or for a small between-meal snack.
Our employees' relatives and children are also always welcome to come visit the HOME restaurant.


Security and health of our employees is of primary concern for us, because only those who are healthy can also perform at their best. We wish to make sure of comprehensive security at the work place, create working conditions conducive to ideal health and specifically strengthen and promote health awareness among our employees by offering them a wide range of facilities in the following areas.
They include, among other things:
  • A wide range of sports and fitness programmes for our employees, like tennis, badminton, squash, football, beach volleyball, basketball, and running
  • Cooperation with fitness studios and spas
  • Support and counselling through the Care Management of our sickness allowance insurance for employees, who have taken ill or suffered an accident, during the entire period of recuperation and reintegration into occupational routine


As an internationally operating Fashion & Lifestyle enterprise, diversity and equal opportunities are an obvious and lived part of an open and value-based corporate culture at the HOLY FASHION GROUP. For us, diversity means the power of innovation, inspiration, furtherance, a wealth of talent, experience and qualifications and, consequently, the basis for entrepreneurial success.

In our day-to-day activities, we ensure therefore a working environment that is free from prejudices, but characterized by appreciation, openness, acceptance, mutual trust and equal opportunities for each and every employee – regardless of their nationality, gender, religious and political conviction, sexual orientation, age or possible disability.

In order to emphasize the high significance of diversity in the enterprise, the HOLY FASHION GROUP has signed in November 2016 the “Diversity Charter” which is a EU-wide corporate initiative for promotion of diversity in companies and institutions, and is under the patronage of Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel in Germany.