We identify ourselves with our products, brands and the company, and work towards their – and our – success with enthusiasm and passion.

We are a model of authentic behaviour, aligned with our values.

That’s why we accept emotions and see them as an opportunity to grow.

With a positive spirit, optimism, a problem-solving attitude and fascination with our role, we provide each other with mutual support, even in difficult situations. Empathy and respect guide our actions.


HFG’s management sets the standard for targeted work, commitment and clear leadership. In doing so, we support and challenge each other.

We expect and encourage a best-in-class mentality from ourselves and others. Top quality and expertise in all areas of business are a matter of course.

As we strive for perfection, we make smart and targeted use of all the resources entrusted to us.

In terms of sustainable behaviour, we promote social engagement. We feel connected to our environment.

Compliance and corporate social responsibility are important to us.


With the aim of developing a strong market position, we set profit-oriented targets for ourselves and all our employees and pursue these targets rigorously.

We are role models for each other in terms of having a winning mentality and go the extra mile to achieve our objectives. We are guided by individual initiative, commitment and the drive to achieve even more ambitious goals.

Achieving long-term goals takes precedence over short-term success.

We are motivated by successes, and we celebrate them. We discuss failures openly in order to learn from them together.

We address underperformance openly and take any necessary steps without delay.


As a company, we maintain our independence.

We trust in our own abilities and expertise.

Questioning existing rules is expected and encouraged in order to optimise them. Our problem-solving approach is first focused on our own area of responsibility.

With the aim of achieving targets, decisions are made independently and are implemented quickly. This takes precedence over the personal interests of individuals.

Team / Trust

As managers, we set the standard for productivity, discipline, respect, trust and reliability. We encourage and expect this in our team as well.

We are loyal to our company, management, employees and all of our colleagues.

We are committed to diversity in our teams in order to facilitate optimal results.

We develop staff and assign them to tasks with due consideration for their strengths so that they may experience growth through personal achievements.

A team thrives on mutual trust. We give clear and timely feedback on performance and take an interest in the well-being of every individual.


Innovation is at the heart of how we think and act, so long as it makes a meaningful contribution towards achieving our objectives. We set trends and communicate them in the market..

We support individual initiative and entrepreneurship, encourage new business and product ideas and always implement them in accordance with our customers’ highest standards.

We see changes as a sign of our competitiveness; as managers, we support our employees in coping with changes quickly and successfully.

We broaden our knowledge by actively sharing it.


The consumer is at the heart of our business.

We are conscious of the fact that our customers have the highest standards for fashion and lifestyle. This is what motivates us.

Our innovations in products and services focus on inspiring our end customers and contribute towards constantly exceeding their expectations.

We treat our customers with the greatest respect.

We are constantly perfecting the channels of communication and touchpoints that turn brand awareness and shopping into a special experience.


Courage leads to success. Nothing great is achieved without courage.

We carefully consider how we apply our leadership expertise in order to foster the self-confidence and courage among our staff to leave the conventional path behind, if necessary.

We encourage each other to have the pioneering spirit to make the case for progressive ideas. We learn from mistakes and thereby ensure sustainable success.

We expect and encourage the guts to use healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo to get the best results for our customers.