High School Students/Graduates


High School Students

As a high school student or graduate, are you facing the important decision to lay the foundation for your professional career? We offer you the following apprenticeship opportunities at different locations in several countries:

Get to know different areas of the HOLY FASHION GROUP during your apprenticeship and find out what your particular interests and strengths are.

High School Graduates

As a high school graduate, you have the opportunity not only to learn the theory in the future, but also to translate new knowledge directly into practice. We offer you the following dual study options:

- Textile Business Administration (LDT Nagold)
- Business Administration Textile Management B.A. (DHBW Ravensburg)

College Students

Are you a college student and want to gain some important practical experience as part of your studies? We offer you a wide variety of opportunities in different areas of the HOLY FASHION GROUP to complete an internship. You support us in an exciting area of responsibility in daily operations and you are involved in current projects. Take the opportunity for intensive insight into the structures and processes of a modern fashion & lifestyle company and set the course for your successful future in the HOLY FASHION GROUP.

We also support and assist you in completing your thesis (Bachelor’s / Master’s) following an internship. We are happy to examine your interesting topic suggestions and look for individual ways to bring your ideas in line with the goals and challenges of the HOLY FASHION GROUP.

College Graduates

You have just successfully completed your studies and would now like to make your first career move? Take the opportunity of a direct entry into the HOLY FASHION GROUP. Our goal is to optimally support and promote you through a structured initial training plan, our buddy program and our HOLY FASHION GROUP College. After an intensive training period, you can work independently and on your own responsibility in one of our teams and benefit from a range of decision-making and design options that will allow you to grow quickly with your tasks. Start your career together with us and realize your goals and wishes.

If you have only been able to gain a little practical experience because of your heavy course load, you can do a postgraduate internship with us. Find out which areas you are particularly interested in and what your interests or strengths are.

Junior Professionals


Have you already gained some initial professional experience and would like to take the next step in your career? Bring in your know-how and continue your career path with us.

In addition to an intensive training period in the structures and processes of the HOLY FASHION GROUP, we ensure perfect personal integration through various onboarding measures. Take advantage of many opportunities to take responsibility and make decisions.

Develop your methodical, personal and professional competences with us and seize the chance to lay the foundation for a professional or managerial career.


After several years of successful working experience, are you now aiming for a new professional challenge?

Is it important to you to act as a decision-maker and creator in a successful company? To make a difference with your outstanding competences within the scope of your extensive decision-making and responsibilities?

Then join the HOLY FASHION GROUP as a professional and become part of the team in an ambitious company in the fashion and lifestyle industry. As with all other entry-level opportunities, we will work out a detailed and personal onboarding program for you as a professional.

Whether you are pursuing a professional or managerial career, we offer you an optimal environment to develop further together with us.

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