Let‘s develop together

Our employees and their knowledge are crucial capital of the HOLY FASHION GROUP. Continuously acquiring, maintaining and developing knowledge and achieving business goals is a major challenge in an ever-changing environment.

The constant targeted development and promotion of our employees is a basic prerequisite for us not only to be able to survive on the market in the long term, but also to continue to be among the best and reach our ambitious goals.

On the basis of the HOLY FASHION GROUP competence model, as the foundation for targeted and needs-oriented personnel development, we provide a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities in the "Let's develop together" program.

A cornerstone of future knowledge transfer will be the continuous investment in new forms of learning and knowledge transfer. The goal is to provide our employees with decentralized access to the required knowledge at any time.

Onboarding Process

A successful onboarding process into the company is central to our shared success. A structured and individual training plan is developed for each new employee. In addition to the initial training plan, a buddy program is an integral part of our onboarding process. The onboarding process is rounded off by the HOLY FASHION GROUP College.

The HFG College takes place twice a year. Various departments are introduced by the department heads so new employees get interesting insights as well as a better understanding of inter-divisional processes. At the same time, the HOLY FASHION GROUP College offers the new employee a good opportunity to build up her or his own internal company network. The two-day event includes an evening boat tour on Lake Constance so the new employees are made familiar with the beautiful surroundings right away.

HFG College 1.jpg
Talent development and career planning

Succession and career planning at the HOLY FASHION GROUP are both individual and standardized. Each employee’s knowledge, ability, background, tasks and ideas are the basis for her or his career path in the company. It is elaborated by the leader and the HR business partner on an individual level with the employee.

The HOLY FASHION GROUP offers its employees different career paths so they can either pursue a management or specialist career, depending on the employee’s talents.

Retail Potential Programm

Employees in our stores and outlets have the possibility to take part in the HFG Retail Potential Program and develop professional know-how as well as leadership skills. This allows them to become Assistant Floor Manager or Floor Manager. As a further development, the successful participation in the Advance Potential Program offers the opportunity to take over disciplinary leadership as a Store or Outlet Manager.


The HFG Retail Potential Program is divided into four components with the aim to develop the employees’ skills and expertise in different ways.

All parts of the program are accompanied and supported by an individual mentor (train the trainer concept) and an HR Business Partner. One part is the training on the job which implies the learning how to handle everyday business situations from the supervisor. Additionally, the talent receives professional trainings to broaden and intensify the functional as well as person­al expertise.

To visit other stores and outlets is another important part of the program to get in­sights into processes at further locations. It is a great opportunity for the employees to pursue an internal retail career.

Feedback- and goal planning process

The prerequisite for successful cooperation between the manager and his employees is an open, honest and uncomplicated dialogue as well as constructive feedback. Information as well as feedback regarding the personal performance and the behavior of the employee are continuously given.

As a result, performance and behavior are assessed, tasks are coordinated and development potential is recognized. 

Structured feedback is given to the employee at least once a year. On the one hand, the feedback talk involves behavior already shown, achievements and task fulfillment as well as target achievement. On the other hand, it also provides a forward-looking perspective by jointly agreeing on new goals and personal development measures for the future. A goal planning tool makes it possible to track the progress of set goals during the year so the targets are always present and goals are finished.